Environmentally Responsible… Financially Rewarding!

Today’s focus on responsible environmentalism is often achieved at the cost of profitability. At Valley Recycling Center, we take great pride in being able to help improve our environment while, at the same time, providing revenue and savings for our customers.

Whether you are a large corporation with complex recycling needs, a local contractor with building materials to dispose of, or a resident with a garage full of papers to recycle, we’re here to help.

It is my personal mission to ensure that every customer, large or small, receives the highest possible level of customer service. That approach is the bedrock of our company.

Give us a call; we’re here to help you.

In today’s world, recycling is not only about being “green” and focusing on sustainability and environmental issues; it is also about increasing revenue while reducing costs through a professional recycling and waste-reduction program.

Since 1979, long before the word “green” was popularized, Valley Recycling Center (VRC) has been serving businesses and individuals throughout the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys, as well as across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. We are now one of the leading recycling and document shredding companies in San Fernando Valley.

For corporate clients, VRC’s fleet of modern trucks pick up from your location commercial and industrial recyclables and bring them to our site. For drop-off customers, VRC’s drop-off facility is both conveniently located and designed for maximum efficiency and minimum wait times.

And for all of our clients and customers, there is the added benefit of both earning money from their recyclables while benefiting our environment.